A Gmail add-on for Founders to stay on top of the inbox

    Supabox is a Gmail add-on for Founders that helps them prioritize their most important emails with AI

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    Privacy first

    What's stored on DB? What AI model is Supabox using? Let's find out.

    AI model
    Supabox uses OpenAI's gpt-3.5-turbo-16k model to analyze emails.
    No email content will be stored on the database
    Supabox doesn't store any of your email on the database.
    No one else can access your information but you.

    Your data is protected by PostgreSQL's RLS. Users can only access their own information.

    Everything you need

    Let AI categorize your emails,
    so all you see is the most important ones

    App screenshot
    Supabox AI will check your emails and tag them according to the content, so you can easily find the imporntant ones.
    Skip inbox.
    Instead of the email showing up in your inbox folder, it will ONLY show up in the label folder. This is useful so you are not bombarded with every email of every label in your inbox - turn this setting on for things like newsletters that are not priority.
    Import existing labels you already use.
    If you are already using many labels, you will likely want to use them on Supabox as well. Supabox makes it easy to import them into Supabox and set them up.

    Supa easy to use

    Set up with a few clicks

    Create labels you want, then wait.
    Supabox will tag your emails every 30 mins.

    It works everywhere

    Since it's more than a browser extension, it works everywhere

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    100% refund within 14 days if you don't love it. No questions asked.

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    For a busy individual

    30% off for a month

    $19$13/ month

    • 1500 emails tagging per month


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    For a busy CEO

    30% off for a month

    $35$24/ month

    • 3000 emails tagging per month
    • Prioritized customer support


    For busy teams

    • Dedicated support and customized features.
    Supabox analyzes per month
    30,782 emails

    Boost your productivity.
    Start using Supabox today.

    Let the AI do the boring stuff, so you can spend more time on something more excitng.